Rigobert Pambe

Deputy Lead of Programs

Rigobert Pambe is a TVET teacher and researcher with a decade experience in evidence generation, synthesis, implementation, and dissemination in the field of education in sub-Saharan Africa. Strong advocate for evidence-informed decision-making, he believes in a future where African leaders make decisions based on evidence produced by researchers who understand our environmental settings. Maiden global fellow for Africa, some of his work includes developing a toolkit for teaching and learning which is an up-to-date overview of thousands of educational research synthesized into 27 easy-to-read summaries with specific recommendations for teachers (https://ebaselearning.org/teaching-learning-toolkit).

A social entrepreneur with experience in working with youths in low- and middle-income countries and providing advisory services to decision-makers and school boards, his current role as a program manager at eBASE Africa consist of mobilizing educational evidence in 4 countries of the Lake Chad basin which are Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad. This involves interaction with a wide range of stakeholders including decision-makers, teachers, parents and students.

Twitter: @rigobertpambe