Nain Mirabel Yuh

Project Coordinator - Disability

Nain Mirabel Yuh is an award-winning evidence leader and a World Pulse Change maker passionate about evidence-informed decision-making and inclusion of PWDs in the evidence-based practice train with over 4 years of experience in working in research. She is a research fellow for disabilities currently working as Project Manager at eBASE Africa where she leads an innovative evidence portal that brings research into households of people with disabilities with aim of improving livelihoods for PWDs through innovation and best practices.

She is active within the evidence ecosystem in synthesis, implementation, and dissemination. Nain has a track record of promoting the use of research evidence at household and community levels for informed decisions and improving livelihoods. She has a mastery of searching databases and synthesis of both qualitative and quantitative evidence for development.

Nain is an enthusiastic Twitter Queen and according to her “it is in our hands to build the Africa we want that #LeaveNoOneBehind the evidence-based practice train”.