Aweh Annih Akofu

Finance and Research Assistant

Aweh Akofu is a female advocate for better livelihoods for underserved populations through innovation, best practices, and access to basic services for underprivileged populations. She is affiliated with eBASE Africa as a researcher on education where she worked with a team developing the eBASE Teaching and Learning Toolkit in collaboration with the Education Endowment Foundation UK.  She is also a Grand Challenges Canada Star in Global Health where she used traditional storytelling methods to disseminate information on SGBV to the non-literate population so that they can make informed choices.


She is active in stakeholder engagement and communication of research evidence with policymakers, practitioners, and citizens using several innovative approaches (evidence portals, evidence summaries, storytelling, and capacity building).

Aweh is passionate about seeing kids achieve their dreams no matter their background. She loves cooking, travelling and interior design.