Policy Event on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in Schools.

 On Friday 30 September 2022, the eBASE policy event on the menstrual hygiene management in Cameroonian schools took place at the StarLand Hotel in Yaounde. Present were the Minister of Secondary Education, regional delegates for secondary and basic education, a team from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), policy makers, civil society organisations (CSOs), and some students. 

The main aim of this event was to look at the work that has been carried out so far on this MHM program by eBASE Africa and discuss the way forward for effective MHM. 

Policymakers present all joined their voices to appreciate the efforts carried out so far while promising to ensure that MHM is fully implemented in their area of jurisdiction. 

Following the reports from some CSOs, it was clear that work has been going on in the field but a lot still needs to be done. This can only be possible if there is adequate sponsorship for the project. Participants were encouraged to make sure that they keep safe places in the school. 

Worthy of note was the minister’s remark on the fact that those concerned with the project should seek more policies that could help expand the project outreach. 

Participants present took part in some workshops and made the following recommendations.


• Schools should provide clean and well-equipped toilets. 

• Sensitization should be carried out to stop the stigmatization of girls by boys and the community at large. 

• Parents should take the initiative to educate their children on menstrual hygiene management. 

• Sanitary buckets as well as free sanitary pads should be provided in schools. 

• Taxes should be reduced on the importation of pads. 


• Include MHM in the school curriculum. 

• Start special training for teachers on MHM.

• Distribution of sanitary products for free in schools. 


• Workshops on MHM should be organized with all stakeholders. 

• Training of teachers should be carried out by eBASE Africa on MHM. 

• MHM platforms should be created at all levels to step up sensitization. 

• MHM should be promoted in schools using children.

• Decentralization should be respected at the level of communication so that the information reaches everyone. 

• Implementation approach should be inclusive such that no child is left behind. 


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