Nain Yuh, eBASE Africa Researcher receives World Pulse Rising Voices Award

Nain Yuh, a researcher at effective Basic Services, eBASE Africa, earlier this year received the World Pulse Rising Voices Award.

The award was given as recognition for her contribution as a digital change maker in the world for the work done to promote respect of rights and needs of people with disabilities (PWDs), and equally at spearheading their inclusion in the Evidence Informed Decision Making, EIDM train.

Nain Yuh through her work developed an innovative study methodology to interview persons with disabilities and their parents about what they would need to implement support systems. This information helped her and her team design an intervention that brings evidence-based recommendations to families and communities of PWDs.

“I didn’t know that caring for my great-grandmother was preparing me for a career working with people with disabilities. But as I grew up, I loved the idea of touching lives and creating impact” said Nain Yuh after receiving the award.

Nain expressed her gratitude for the recognition and promised to continue rendering services to these almost abandoned people in the society.

This organization, amongst other activities focuses on working with people living with disabilities. A team member receiving this award indicates that eBASE Africa is making progress with its inclusion of people from all spheres without any discrimination.

This award is particularly important for eBASE as it offers an opportunity to showcase the work they do to the global scene. Innovation and best practice are used at eBASE to improve livelihoods of PWDs. The work they do with families is the first of its kind; brokering knowledge and using a toolkit to bring evidence to households of PWDs. This work is already creating impact on the communities which is one of the goals at eBASE, to be a game changer in making basic services more effective. So, it’s important that their impact at community level is recognized at global level.

The team therefore hopes to create more impact through such works and others which are already in the pipeline.

World Pulse is an independent women-led global social network for social change. This very first World Pulse Voices Rising Awards celebrates rising women, digital changemakers, and storytellers who are shaping our future.

This award makes Nain Yuh’s work to be amongst the feature stories to be published on the front page of the World Pulse website.