eBASE Africa joins forces with the Ministry of Social Affairs to improve the lives of socially vulnerable people.


Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa last August 8th 2023 signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS), Cameroon. This agreement was signed between the eBASE Team Lead, Dr. Okwen Patrick, and the Secretary General of MINAS, Madame Panje Beryl Itoh, in the presence of officials from MINAS and eBASE team members. 

This three-year partnership agreement with MINAS will see eBASE support the government of Cameroon in its efforts to improve the livelihoods of equity-deserving groups. This concerns Socially Vulnerable Populations, notably: children in distress, in moral danger, in contact with law, victims of violence and sexual abuse, indigenous population (Baka, Bakola, Bagyeli, Bedjang, Bororo), persons living with disabilities (PWDs).

Both parties are expected to carry out different obligations and responsibilities following this agreement to ensure success. MINAS among other duties will have to; ensure the availability of premises where activities can be conducted such as halls for workshops or conferences related to project where available, and ensure the availability of staff or proposed persons for capacity building, public speaking, or accompanying field project activities, promote and facilitate favorable environment for project activities under the Ministry of Social Affairs.
eBASE Africa on her part will in turn have to; provide knowledge mobilization and knowledge translation activities through storytelling events and other knowledge mobilization approaches such as radio programs, and school clubs, for socially vulnerable persons' assistance, empowerment, and protection, ensure sustainability through systematization (eg co-creation, co-design, co-development and capacity building for Ministry staff within the Responsive Evidence System for African Policy Needs (REAP) Project of interventions within the Ministry of Social Affairs following recommendations from 123 Mokolo and Wakka Projects, ensure policymakers at the Ministry are in the “driver seat” of development of partnership activities.

According to Dr. Patrick Okwen, the idea of this partnership is to allow an opportunity where civil societies can support the efforts of the government especially for an emergent Cameroon that is more inclusive by 2035. 
eBASE Africa looks forward to signing more partnerships with policymakers in order for more evidence-based decisions to be taken.