Backyard Farming to Improve Nutrition for Children Under 5

In Cameroon, backyard farming was practiced by families to make available vegetables, fruits and meat at their tables without the need to store food over long periods as technologies for storing food were lacking. Vegetables and fruits could then be harvested and consumed immediately while animals could be slaughtered when it is needed. 

With an increase in population; urbanization; and resort to imported ideas, communities are fast throwing behind this very useful practice much to detriment of their diets. This particularly affects children less than 5 years as they need these perishable foods and the nutrients therein for good development of their brains, bones, and muscles.

At eBASE, we are working with communities to promote backyard farming for key foodstuffs that will help in nutrition and growth for children under five years of age. We seek to reduce the incidence of stunting in Cameroon.