Improving Livelihood of Children With Disability (CWD) using Innovation and Best Practice

Evidence implementation projects targeting the rights and needs of persons with disabilities (PWD) in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) have not been reported in the past to the best of our knowledge. This, therefore, implies PWD in LMIC will be left behind the evidence-based practice train. The twenty-first-century experimenting society has not developed creative approaches that bring research evidence to practice, policy, households, and communities in a way that will reach PWD. This is leaving PWD behind the evidence-based practice train.

Our family-centered evidence implementation project for CWDs successfully brought research evidence of what works into the households and communities where CWDs lived, promoting more effective interventions that contributed to health, education, livelihood, social wellbeing, and empowerment while reducing stigma and promoting rights. This has a strong implication for the SDGs as it is an evidence portal. Read more about this blog here