eBASE Africa Teams Up with the Cameroonian Ministry of Basic Education (MINEDUB) to Improve Educational Attainment in Cameroon.

Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa and the Ministry of Basic Education of Cameroon (MINEDUB) on Thursday, January 13, 2022, in Yaoundé signed a partnership to work collaboratively to improve the educational attainment of children aged between 3 and 18 years in Cameroon through the use of an evidence-based teaching and learning tool. The partnership was signed between the eBASE Africa head of team, Dr Patrick Okwen Mbah, and the Secretary-General of MINEDUB, Daniel Adams Oyono.


The three-year renewable partnership aims to promote and strengthen the use of evidence-based approaches to ensure efficient and effective intervention in teaching and learning practices. From this perspective, we will organize capacity-building workshops for teachers, inspectors, and other educational supervisors on the use of our teaching and learning toolkit. 

Additionally, to ensure access and retention for all in the school environment, we will provide schools with basic infrastructures, such as menstrual hygiene management facilities, and train teachers in menstrual hygiene management.

According to the eBASE team leader, Dr. Patrick Okwen, this historic moment for research in education for our beloved nation, for eBASE Africa, and the global evidence community. 


Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of MINEDUB, Daniel Adams Oyono, declared that the agreement will strengthen MINEDUB's capacity to promote inclusive and quality education for all.

We are committed to improving basic services through innovation and best practices in the field of education. So far we have improved the teaching and learning conditions of thousands teachers and learners through our interventions