How do you guarantee a safe delivery for your partner?

It should be noted that most pregnant women who end up in the theater to undergo an  operation , or women who put to birth and have to stay back in the hospital for few months as a result of complications incurred during delivery or any other  health issue. such women either failed to attend the early ANC appointments  which is highly recommended for pregnant woman from the onset. They may actually attend but fail to keep to the indications given in the course of this routine checks. 

Our research made us focus on Mr George`s story, being a bike rider living in the capital city of Cameroon -Yaoundé is not married but has a very fine girlfriend called Rahap who lives with him. Rahap is 23 years old and  just moved to Yaoundé .After so many failed trials to get a job in Yaoundé, she was forced to be a stay at home girlfriend and eventually gets pregnant. As expected she is suppose to attend early ANTINENTAL CARE clinic (ANC).Given the intensity of George’s challenging job and the fact that he has to work for two he has little or no time to spend with his girl friend and  9 months after ,at the time when she is expected to have been delivered of a baby, George is called up in the hospital and is told she has to undergo an operation.  George is devastated he didn’t see this coming plus the amount of money that is required to deposit before the operation is conducted that he doesn’t have. He is forced to sell his bike at a very cheap price given the urgency of the issue on ground. After she puts to birth he has to rent a bike and work extremely hard pay the owner of the bike and feed his family. 

According to WHO guidelines for ANTENATALCARE

 ANC benefits both the mother and the baby; it assists in screening, diagnosing and managing or controlling the risk factors such as hypertension and pregnancy diabetes that might adversely affect the pregnant women and/or the pregnancy outcome and can also safe you income and make delivery relatively cheap. In that case since you need a man and a woman to meet for her to conceive then the responsibility of securing her life and that of the baby should not be left on the woman alone. Pre-natal classes are now open to both the impregnator and the carrier of the unborn. It is in the man’s interest to attend the appointments and also learn what is required to keep the unborn baby and mother healthy and risk free. 


Please make it a point of duty to follow your partner for ANC and also give her the time and attention she needs especially during this period.